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Par Ali Abunimah
Une publication The Electronic Intifada

There are many vexing aspects to Monday’s announcement by International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Karim Khan that he is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, defense minister Yoav Gallant and three leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Par Ali Abunimah
Une publication The Electronic Intifada

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced on Monday that he is seeking arrest warrants against two top Israeli leaders for crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Une publication InTrustWeDoubt

Israel recruited Zionists around the world to vote in a song contest, then marketed the results as proof that non-Zionists support it and its war on Gaza.

Par Brett Wilkins
Une publication Common Dreams

“The good news is — actions like this by the USA or European countries taken under pressure from the pro-Israeli lobby or Israel itself smell of sheer panic and desperation,” the renowned author said.

Par Wyatt Reed
Une publication The Grayzone

Israeli officials hyped their country’s 5th place Eurovision finish as proof of quiet global grassroots support for their assault on Gaza. Now, they admit they manipulated the results through an international propaganda blitz.

Par Wyatt Reed
Une publication The Grayzone

The Grayzone has obtained a dossier detailing the identities of the Zionist hooligans who assaulted UCLA anti-genocide student protesters. It was sent to LA police, but no arrests have been made. And the cops still can’t explain why they disappeared for hours during the mob attack.

The White House and Republican allies respond to student protests over Gaza with deceit and censorship.

Par Chris Hedges
Une publication ScheerPost

The courageous stance of students across the country in defiance of genocide is accompanied by a near total blackout of their voices. Their words are the ones we most need to hear.

The NATOstan lackeys will remain dazed and confused. So what; lackeys lack strategic depth, they just wallow in the shallow waters of irrelevancy.

US Senators sent a letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, threatening to impose sanctions and even invade the Hague if it issues arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Biden administration is also pressuring the ICC not to charge Israeli officials over their war crimes in Gaza.

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