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Par William Van Wagenen
Une publication The Cradle

Israel’s documented torture and abuse of Palestinians may evoke comparisons to US tactics employed during the Iraqi occupation, but a closer look reveals their distinct origins rooted in the Zionist entity.

Une publication The Cradle

UNRWA found that Gaza detainees have been “beaten, stripped, robbed, blindfolded, sexually abused” by Israeli forces

While rushing weapons to the Israeli government’s assault on Gaza, the Biden administration embraces Israeli allegations about UNRWA without bothering to investigate them.

Par Robert Inlakesh
Une publication The Cradle

The fair treatment of Israeli captives by Hamas has become part of the information war between Palestinians and Tel Aviv. Left unsaid is that there remain thousands of Palestinians in captivity who barely survive their Israeli detention.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

In a groundbreaking investigation, renowned anthropologist Orisanmi Burton has blown the lid off a dark chapter in CIA history. Classified Agency files, recently obtained through Freedom of Information laws, expose shocking ties between the infamous MKULTRA program and nightmarish experiments on prisoners of color within the United States.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

By now, many will be familiar with Project MKULTRA. For decades, the CIA conducted highly unethical experiments on humans in order to perfect brainwashing, mind control and torture techniques.

Par Richard Ochs
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

In any war, the first casualty is truth. Here are the biggest lies the U.S. government tells America about the Ukraine war!

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

Kit Klarenberg investigates the troubling links between the CIA’s clandestine Guantanamo Bay torture program and MKULTRA-era mind control experiments.

WARNING! Disturbing content!

The content of this article (text, photographs, videos...) is inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

While claiming to defend democracy, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky has outlawed his opposition, ordered his rivals’ arrest, and presided over the disappearance and assassination of dissidents across the country.

Par Dan Cohen
Une publication MintPress News

Accounts from the Ukrainian SBU’s torture prison reveal Zelensky’s plot to assassinate exiled opposition figure and leading journalist Anatoly Shariy.

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