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Par Wyatt Reed
Une publication The Grayzone

The Grayzone has obtained a dossier detailing the identities of the Zionist hooligans who assaulted UCLA anti-genocide student protesters. It was sent to LA police, but no arrests have been made. And the cops still can’t explain why they disappeared for hours during the mob attack.

So, to be absolutely clear, Israel’s top government official has announced that charges against himself and other Israeli leaders for obvious war crimes like intentionally bombing and starving civilians would be both “antisemitic” and a “hate crime”.

Il y a parfois comme ça des moments de vérité : « Le poisson pourrit par la tête » a ainsi déclaré Gabriel Attal en se jetant sur la dernière fabrication du camp du soutien inconditionnel — c’était à Sciences Po. Miracle d’un propos vrai dans une bouche d’ordinaire très pleine de contrevérités ou...

Par Robert Inlakesh
Une publication The Cradle

The widening schism between Israel’s secular and ultra-Orthodox communities impacts not only the state’s military and economic wellbeing, but poses an existential threat to the stability of the entire Zionist project.

Par Charles Pierce
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

Unfortunately, after decades of racist distortions by Zionists and supportive imperial Western states, and given hard-to-avoid reliance upon a dominant and biased Western mainstream media, even consistent supporters of the Palestinian cause sometimes take, as fact, notions which have become generally accepted as “true” (unaware that critical investigation may disprove it).

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

MintPress study of major U.S. media outlets’ coverage of the Yemeni Red Sea blockade has found an overwhelming bias in the press, which presented the event as an aggressive, hostile act of terrorism by Ansar Allah (a.k.a. the Houthis), who were presented as pawns of the Iranian government. While co...

Par Max Blumenthal et Wyatt Reed
Une publication The Grayzone

In a falsehood-filled attack, the Washington Post’s ardently pro-Israel Elizabeth Dwoskin attacked The Grayzone’s factual reporting with “research” from a spook-infested outfit closely tied to the Anti-Defamation League.

Dwoskin also relied on an Israeli special forces vet heading a “Digital Iron Dome” campaign to censor social media criticism of Israel’s assault on Gaza.

Par Kenny Cordasco
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

“If you talk to an ordinary American, or, in my experience, if you talk to an average Israeli, for that matter, they don’t know anything about who the Palestinians are. They don’t know where they come from, they don’t know how they live, what they believe, and they don’t want to. Right? Because that just complicates things […]”

(Sam Biagetti, historian)

Par Ramzy Baroud
Une publication MintPress News

The dramatic, earth-shattering events in Palestine starting on October 7 have taken many people by surprise. However, attentive observers were not among them.

Few expected that Palestinian fighters would be parachuting into southern Israel on October 7; that instead of capturing a single Israeli soldier — as done in 2006 — hundreds of Israelis, including many soldiers and civilians, would find themselves captive in besieged Gaza.

The reason behind the “surprise,” however, is the same reason that Israel is still reeling under collective shock, which is the tendency to pay close attention to political discourses and intelligence analyses of Israel and its supporters — while largely neglecting the Palestinian discourse.

For better comprehension, let us go back to the start.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

As the Israeli attack on Gaza, Lebanon and Syria intensifies, the U.S. public watch on aghast. A new poll finds that Americans support a permanent ceasefire by a more than 2:1 ratio (including the vast majority of Democrats and a plurality of Republicans).

And yet, despite this, only 4% of elect...

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