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Westerners tend to regard bombings in the middle east as simply the normal state of affairs, as though bombs falling from the sky is just what the weather is like over there.

They don’t have truth on their side, and they don’t have morality on their side, so all they can ever do is attack the sources of the ideas and information that are opening people’s eyes to the criminality of Israel and its western allies.

It gets harder and harder for the imperial propagandists to frame empire-targeted powers like Hamas as Evil Villains who are simply Evil because they are Evil. As our society gains a better and better collective understanding of psychology and trauma and why individuals do what they do, fewer and fe...

Par Ryan Matters
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The phrase “follow the science” becomes empty and meaningless when “science” itself is manipulated and altered to fit and promote a prevailing agenda. This article will recap some of the definitions that have been changed in order to fit the “pandemic” narrative.

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