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Par Chris Hedges
Une publication ScheerPost

The courageous stance of students across the country in defiance of genocide is accompanied by a near total blackout of their voices. Their words are the ones we most need to hear.

Par Jeremy Kuzmarov
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

Bioterrorism expert and whistleblower alleges that CIA secretly collaborated in supporting unethical gain of function research that resulted in the manufacture of the COVID-19 virus, which was then leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Une publication OffGuardian

A few days ago the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) edited their Monkeypox page to alter the narrative in a few key ways.

The US Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden’s vaccination or testing mandate for large businesses. These mandates are an issue dividing the country, with debate among people both in and out of the science field about whether such an authoritarian decision is necessary to save lives from COVID...

Par Jonathan Cook
Une publication MintPress News

The corporate media is not our friend. Its coverage of the pandemic is not there to promote the public good. It is there to feed our anxieties, keep us coming back for more, and monetize that distress. The only cure for this sickness? A lot more critical thinking.

Par T. J. Coles
Une publication The Grayzone

Cobalt, a key metallic element used in lithium batteries and other “green” technology, is sourced from slave labor in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the West points the finger at China, the US Africa Command is indirectly policing mining operations that profit US corporations.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

Sifting through over 30,000 grants in the company’s database, MintPress can reveal that the Gates Foundation has bankrolled hundreds of media outlets and ventures, to the tune of at least $319 million.

Par Ryan Matters
Une publication

The phrase “follow the science” becomes empty and meaningless when “science” itself is manipulated and altered to fit and promote a prevailing agenda. This article will recap some of the definitions that have been changed in order to fit the “pandemic” narrative.

Par Jeremy Loffredo et Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

Described as “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE rakes in massive security state contracts to pioneer invasive spy tech. Now it’s at the heart of a campaign to implement digital vaccine passports.

Par Jeremy Loffredo et Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

The titans of global capitalism are exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to institute social credit-style digital ID systems across the West.

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