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The White House and Republican allies respond to student protests over Gaza with deceit and censorship.

If the so-called “moderate” position of your nation’s political status quo is to accept, normalize, support and defend the sort of evil that is being inflicted upon the people of Gaza, then you should want to get as far away from that “moderate” position as possible.

So, to be absolutely clear, Israel’s top government official has announced that charges against himself and other Israeli leaders for obvious war crimes like intentionally bombing and starving civilians would be both “antisemitic” and a “hate crime”.

Il y a parfois comme ça des moments de vérité : « Le poisson pourrit par la tête » a ainsi déclaré Gabriel Attal en se jetant sur la dernière fabrication du camp du soutien inconditionnel — c’était à Sciences Po. Miracle d’un propos vrai dans une bouche d’ordinaire très pleine de contrevérités ou...

Par William Van Wagenen
Une publication The Cradle

Faced with its longest and deadliest war against the Palestinian resistance to date, Israel is now under increasing pressure from both the medical and media establishments to transparently disclose its losses, going against the common practice of concealing casualties during wartime.

Par Wyatt Reed et Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

An Israeli whose family members were held by Palestinian militants tells of friendly fire deaths and complains, “We used to think the IDF knows what it’s doing.” Meanwhile, freed captives detail “horrifying captivity trauma” from Israeli bombings.

Par Wyatt Reed et Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

New disclosures add to the growing body of evidence indicating many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has muzzled captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.

Par Jessica Buxbaum
Une publication MintPress News

Now into its second month, Israel’s war on Gaza has left the strip’s northern section in shambles and killed over 14,000 Palestinians, with the majority being women and children. While Israel is launching the attacks on Gaza, several Western powers are also involved in the assault behind the scenes. MintPress News takes a deep dive into the countries sustaining Israel’s war.

Par Wyatt Reed
Une publication The Grayzone

Haaretz has yet to admit it jumped the gun when it dismissed The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal as a “conspiracy theorist” for documenting crucial evidence that Israeli forces killed Israelis on October 7. But new reports by the same outlet show we were right all along.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

Since Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza began, Zionist officials, pundits, journalists, and their Western opposite numbers have endlessly invoked the sinister specter of “terrorism” to justify the industrial-scale slaughter of Palestinians. It is because of “terrorism,” twice-failed U.S. Presidenti...

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