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Par Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

Though The Washington Post was forced to retract the first sentence and central premise of its nothingburger “expose” targeting The Grayzone, pro-Israel operatives are using the malicious hit piece to demand a federal investigation.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

Slovak PM Robert Fico’s independent stance earned him the wrath of NATO and the EU. Did a Western-directed plot to remove his troublesome government from office trigger his assassination attempt?

Par Viktor Dedaj
Une publication Le Grand Soir

Cher lecteur, voici une mise en garde : je vais me lancer dans une généralisation et vous peindre, à grands coups de pinceau, un tableau qui, vu de près, paraîtra confus mais, vu de loin, se révélera être une composition très réaliste. C’est parti.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

Over 25,000 NGOs are active in Georgia, and most rely on funding from Europe and the US. A new bill aiming to reign in Western meddling has sparked furious anti-government protests explicitly encouraged by Washington.

The NATOstan lackeys will remain dazed and confused. So what; lackeys lack strategic depth, they just wallow in the shallow waters of irrelevancy.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

A uniquely Ukrainian strain of Neo-Nazism is spreading throughout Europe, which openly advocates violence against minorities while seeking new recruits. With Kiev’s army collapsing and a narrative of Western betrayal gaining currency, the horror inflicted on residents of Donbas for a decade could very soon be coming to a city near you.

Par Gabriel Galice
Une publication Investig’Action

Armement d’Israël, traitement médiatique des massacres en cours, solutions envisageables : Gabriel Galice, président de l’Institut international de recherches pour la paix, nous répond.

Within just 24 hours of the horrific mass shooting in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on March 22nd, which left at least 137 innocent people dead and 60 more critically wounded, US officials blamed the slaughter on ISIS-K, Daesh’s South-Central Asian branch. For many, the attribution’s celerity raised s...

The Russian population has handed to the Kremlin total carte blanche to exercise brutal, maximum punishment — whatever and wherever it takes.

No more shadow play. It’s now in the open. No holds barred.

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