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Sortir de l’univers du discours clos !

Par Ben Norton
Une publication Multipolarista

Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines with Germany were sabotaged mere hours before the EU opened its own Baltic Sea pipeline from Norway to Poland. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken gloated that the attacks were a “tremendous opportunity” to weaken Moscow.

I know how to stop Vladimir Putin once and for all. I here offer my strategic wizardry to the western empire free of charge.

Before I reveal my unstoppable plan, we must first understand that the Associated Press has just informed us that it is a “baseless conspiracy theory” that the US is res...

Par Evan Reif
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

“Terror will be not only a means of self-defense, but also a form of agitation, which will affect friend and foe alike, regardless of whether they desire it or not.” (UVO, Fascist Ukrainian Military Organization, brochure from 1929)

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