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Par Medea Benjamin et Nicolas J. S. Davies
Une publication ZNetwork

The Israeli online magazine +972 has published a detailed report on Israel’s use of an artificial intelligence (AI) system called “Lavender” to target thousands of Palestinian men in its bombing campaign in Gaza. When Israel attacked Gaza after October 7, the Lavender system had a database of 37,0...

Il y a parfois comme ça des moments de vérité : « Le poisson pourrit par la tête » a ainsi déclaré Gabriel Attal en se jetant sur la dernière fabrication du camp du soutien inconditionnel — c’était à Sciences Po. Miracle d’un propos vrai dans une bouche d’ordinaire très pleine de contrevérités ou...

On February 4th, The Economist published a devastating analysis — or perhaps, “pre-mortem” — of the collapse of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) under Olaf Scholz’s stewardship. Elected in what the Western media contemporaneously branded a “shock” result in September 2021, hopes for...

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

A uniquely Ukrainian strain of Neo-Nazism is spreading throughout Europe, which openly advocates violence against minorities while seeking new recruits. With Kiev’s army collapsing and a narrative of Western betrayal gaining currency, the horror inflicted on residents of Donbas for a decade could very soon be coming to a city near you.

Par Gabriel Galice
Une publication Investig’Action

Armement d’Israël, traitement médiatique des massacres en cours, solutions envisageables : Gabriel Galice, président de l’Institut international de recherches pour la paix, nous répond.

Par Jessica Buxbaum
Une publication MintPress News

Now into its second month, Israel’s war on Gaza has left the strip’s northern section in shambles and killed over 14,000 Palestinians, with the majority being women and children. While Israel is launching the attacks on Gaza, several Western powers are also involved in the assault behind the scenes. MintPress News takes a deep dive into the countries sustaining Israel’s war.

Internet blackouts, the war on journalism, propaganda, influence operations, bans on demonstrations and online censorship are all happening for the same reason: to keep the public from forming a truth-based understanding of what’s happening in Gaza.

Par Jessica Buxbaum
Une publication MintPress News

Across Europe, far-right populism is surging. Right-wing parties with neo-fascist roots are part of governing coalitions or increasing their parliamentary seats. Yet fears of anti-Semitism rising in Europe haven’t stopped Israel from engaging with Europe’s extremists — a policy of the state even before its inception.

Par Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

By celebrating a Waffen-SS volunteer as a “hero,” Canada’s Liberal Party highlighted a longstanding policy that has seen Ottawa train fascist militants in Ukraine while welcoming in thousands of post-war Nazi SS veterans.

Canada’s second most powerful official, Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of one of Nazi Germany’s top Ukrainian propagandists.

Par Evan Reif
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

Her father Ernst Albrecht, President of the German state of Lower Saxony from 1978 to 1990, brought unrehabilitated Nazis into his administration and carried out a black-flag terrorist operation designed to discredit the left-wing Red Army Faction.

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