Against the racism of the State and the Fortress Europe

Against the racism of the State
and the Fortress Europe

Immigration Racisme Géopolitique
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Message posted on June 25, 2019, on Facebook by the Collettivo Autonomo Lavoratori Portuali [Docker Independent Collective] of Genoa (Italy) a few hours before the Sea-Watch 3, a Dutch ship carrying 42 migrants, forces the blockade off from Lampedusa.


A ship with 42 human beings on board waited two weeks off the coast of Lampedusa. They’re people fleeing the war, from misery, from captivity. Those Responsible for those wars and the misery sit in the European parliaments and in the Italian and European management offices. The same people who are now bouncing back, from Rome to Strasbourg, the responsibility of letting them down. 

We are not heroes, not politicians. Someone called us “troublemakers”. We are simple workers at the port of Genoa, but precisely because workers, we can only recognize ourselves in the founding values of the working class: The brotherhood between human beings, international solidarity. Because we know well, as everyone knows, that those men and women on the run and in search of hope will end up, in Italy as elsewhere, to do the most exploited work and for a few money, hunted, enriching the same who shout loudly: “We don’t want you and go back to your country.”

Well, they come here because our governments have destroyed their countries.

We believe that if the Sea-Watch 3 is going to force the blockade that the government wants to maintain, it should find a real and active solidarity and all the strength that workers and anti-racists will be able to develop. As far as we are concerned, the Sea-Watch 3 can set its course towards our port, they are welcome here. We can block the ports, but we can also open them.

In recent weeks, we have blocked twice, not alone, the load of a company – the Bahri – specialized in weapons traffic, as we were in the street to “explain” to the fascists and to those who protect them that in our city they have no hope.

While the 30th of June is arriving and Salvini is planning to come again to Genoa, we can only remind to everyone, and, first of all, to ourselves, that another strong point of the working-class tradition is the struggle.




Source : article publié sur la page Facebook Collettivo Autonomo Lavoratori Portuali

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