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Par Matthew Ehret
Une publication The Cradle

Africa’s renaissance is already underway through partnerships with Eurasian powers Russia and China, whose significant contributions are already visible in security, economic, and institutional sectors throughout the continent.

It isn’t merely the domains of cultural warfare and religious cults that Xi Jinping has to worry about, but additionally hives of foreign-directed agents operating on a multitude of domains within China’s government and business community.

Whether we are looking at religious sects masquerading as Christian or Muslim fronts, or Asian scientology-esque Falun Gong cults Xi Jinping has some messy problems to deal with both within China and abroad.

It is frightening how oligarchically-minded figures of a Great Resetting nature wish to use the structures of social credit to modify group behaviour under a post-Truth, depopulated/de-carbonized world order.

The new rules proposed by Xi Jinping and expressed by the BRI’s political economic practices are exactly what the best American patriots fought for, Matthew Ehret argues.

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