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  • The 16 biggest lies
    the U.S. government tells America
    about the Ukraine war

    CovertAction Magazine

    In any war, the first casualty is truth. Here are the biggest lies the U.S. government tells America about the Ukraine war!

  • The Dollar devours the Euro

    It is now clear that today’s escalation of the New Cold War was planned over a year ago. America’s plan to block Nord Stream 2 was really part of its strategy to block Western Europe (“NATO”) from seeking prosperity by mutual trade and investment with China and Russia.

    As President Biden and U.S....

  • Israel lobby group ADL
    Hitler’s accomplices in Ukraine

    The Electronic Intifada

    Israel and its lobby depend on support from the United States. So when Washington goes to war, the lobby will often lend its propaganda services to the cause.

  • The American Empire

    But nobody thought that it would happen this fast.

  • 7 reasons to oppose
    vaccine mandates

    The US Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden’s vaccination or testing mandate for large businesses. These mandates are an issue dividing the country, with debate among people both in and out of the science field about whether such an authoritarian decision is necessary to save lives from COVID...

  • Communisme
    et anticolonialisme

    Lorsqu’il proclame pour la première fois le droit des nations à disposer d’elles-mêmes, en 1914, Lénine met le feu aux poudres du système colonial. L’onde de choc du bolchevisme ébranle les fondements de la domination européenne. Évincée du théâtre occidental, la dynamique révolutionnaire va rebondi...

  • Impérialisme
    et anti‑impérialisme

    Lors du vingt-cinquième sommet des pays membres de l’Organisation de l’unité africaine, le 26 juillet 1987, le président du Conseil national révolutionnaire du Burkina Faso dénonce le nouvel asservissement de l’Afrique : « Les origines de la dette remontent aux origines du colonialisme. Ceux qui nou...

  • From glorious millennia
    to death and destruction:
    Zionists rewrite Palestine’s story

    MintPress News

    The Zionist narrative is arguably responsible for the welcoming and forgiving attitude the entire world has towards the horrendous, unforgivable crimes committed by Israel since its founding in 1948.

  • The Tian’anmen Square “massacre”:
    the West’s most persuasive, most pervasive lie

    Mango Press
    Par Tom

    On the fourth of June, 1989, in Tiananmen [Tian’anmen] Square, Beijing, something happened. In the Western “free press” media’s account, supposedly somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 unarmed protestors were “massacred” in the Square by the Chinese People’s Liberation army. According to CNN: “hundre...

  • Cuba sous embargo

    Le Canard réfractaire

    Instauré depuis 1962 par les États-Unis après un échec de l’invasion de l’île, le blocus, non seulement pourrit la vie des Cubains, mais constitue également une véritable insulte à la communauté internationale, laquelle, dans sa quasi-totalité, le condamne chaque année à l’ONU depuis près de trente ans. Cette négation de la souveraineté des États et cette sanctification du droit d’ingérence par l’asphyxie constitue l’un des plus grands scandales de tous les temps.

  • On Col. Muammar Gaddafi,
    the Third International Theory,
    and the Libyan Jamahiriya

    Mango Press

    In a Bedouin settlement outside Sirte, June 1942, a man was born to a goat and camel herdsman, his name was Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. Gaddafi’s tribe, the Qadhadhfa, were of Arabized Berber origin, although claims have been made that Gaddafi’s maternal grandmother was a Jewish woman wh...

  • The story of Daher Al‑Umar
    Israel’s own origin story

    MintPress News

    Akka, Haifa, Tabaria, are all cities with a rich Arab history which Daher made into thriving towns, and yet little memory of him existents thanks to enormous efforts put forward by the state of Israel to control the historical narrative.

  • Marx, le capital
    et l’homme‑marchandise

    Ce que Marx a mis au jour dans le Capital, c’est ce qu’on pourrait appeler la consubstantialité du capitalisme et de l’esclavage ; derrière la diversité de ses formes, il a perçu la profonde unité de la servitude moderne ; il a vu, dans « l’esclavage direct » des Noirs, la vérité de « l’esclavage...

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Big Pharma
Big Tech

Health: Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory.

Surveillance: Neoliberal supranational forces are determined to impose a system of digital identification and high-tech social credit as much of the human population as possible.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda!


Former US Ambassador to Russia William J. Burns, who is now CIA director, admitted in a classified 2008 embassy cable that NATO expansion to Ukraine crosses Moscow’s securityredlines” and “could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.”

Julian Assange

The Assange persecution is Western savagery at its most transparent

Par Robin Andersen
Une publication FAIR

Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, a well-known and much-loved Al Jazeera reporter who covered Palestine for two decades, was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper May 11 while documenting an Israeli raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the Occupied West Bank.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

Kit Klarenberg investigates the troubling links between the CIA’s clandestine Guantanamo Bay torture program and MKULTRA-era mind control experiments.

Par Ben Norton
Une publication Multipolarista

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International claim to be independent, but they have a revolving door with the US government, and serve its foreign-policy interests, with funding from CIA-linked foundations and billionaire oligarchs.

Par Ben Norton
Une publication Multipolarista

After meeting in Beijing, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin released a joint statement clarifying the ideological divisions of the new cold war: Eurasian calls for multipolarity, cooperation, sovereignty, and “redistribution of power in the world” against US unipolar hegemony and interventionism.

Par Justin Podur
Une publication FAIR

“Why China Is in Africa” (12/16/21) is a question Trevor Noah took up last month for Comedy Central’s Daily Show. As with many of the topics taken up by the Daily Show, the issue is no joke: China has a large and growing economic presence in many African countries. The China/Africa deals cry out for analysis: Are they different from the deals on offer from Western countries like the US, Britain or France?


The U.S. and its allies have declared China is guilty of genocide against Uighur Muslims.

Par T. J. Coles
Une publication The Grayzone

From Djibouti, the US trains proxies and bombs strategically-important countries in the name of democracy and counterterrorism. To justify the country’s militarization, Washington hypes fears over China’s regional ambitions.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

While the OTF presents itself as independent internet freedom activists, their funding, staff, history and choice of targets all point to the conclusion that they are a digital weapon being used against Washington’s enemies.

Par T. J. Coles
Une publication The Grayzone

Cobalt, a key metallic element used in lithium batteries and other “green” technology, is sourced from slave labor in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the West points the finger at China, the US Africa Command is indirectly policing mining operations that profit US corporations.


When it comes to Afghanistan, the mainstream media hides the most embarrassing facts for the West. Once you take these facts into account, you get a very different story.

Par Aaron Maté
Une publication The Grayzone

Early in the OPCW’s Douma investigation, expert toxicologists ruled out chlorine gas as the victims’ cause of death. Leaks expose how senior OPCW officials censored this explosive finding — and then targeted the inspector who raised the alarm.

du PCC       

Le 23 juillet 2021, le Parti communiste chinois a fêté ses 100 ans d’existence.

Par Leonardo Flores
Une publication MintPress News

The Venezuelan people deserve better than another administration sabotaging a dialogue and imposing more deadly sanctions.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

Supposedly “independent” website Bellingcat raked in money from scandal-ridden Western intelligence firms that wreaked havoc – and reaped massive profits – in Syria.

Par Bruno Guigue
Une publication Front Populaire

Le temps présent met à l’épreuve les catégories de la philosophie politique classique. Il impose de penser à nouveaux frais la justice et la force, la liberté et la servitude, la politique et la morale. Aucune philosophie universelle ne fournissant les réponses exigées par la raison, l’histoire en acte se charge de rebattre les cartes. Signe des temps, les notions les plus communes ne résistent pas au vent de la critique, les vieilles idoles vacillent sur leur piédestal. Ainsi le discours dominant brandit le nom de démocratie comme un talisman. Mot-valise, bon à tout et propre à rien, emblème douteux des régimes occidentaux, il doit son efficacité symbolique à son caractère équivoque. Pour peu qu’on lui donne une définition rigoureuse, le charme s’évanouit, la supercherie s’évente.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

In Washington’s eyes, the point of funding Black, indigenous, LGBT or other minority groups in enemy countries is not simply to promote tensions there; it is also to create a narrative that will help convince liberals and leftists in the United States to support American intervention.

Par Miko Peled
Une publication MintPress News

When Naftali Bennett, the first yarmulke-wearing Israeli prime minister, refers to the Bible to justify his claim to the Land of Israel, he is not referring to Jewish scripture but to Protestant religious doctrine.

Par Ben Norton
Une publication The Grayzone

The Netherlands investigated fraud by the Mayday Rescue Foundation, which funded the Syrian White Helmets with over $120 million in Western government contracts. But top Dutch officials covered up the corruption.

Par Alexander Rubinstein
Une publication MintPress News

Some troubling connections contradict Amnesty’s image as a benevolent defender of human rights and reveal key figures at the organization during its early years to be less concerned with human dignity and more concerned with the dignity of the US and UK’s image in the world.

2021 elections

The U.S., E.U., and O.A.S. launched a new coup attempt against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter suspended hundreds of influential pro-Sandinista journalists and activists days before November 7 elections.

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