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“The most revolting aspect of the Palestinian tragedy is, of course, the brutality of the occupier, his colonial arrogance, his contempt for the lives of others, his confidence in murder, his arrogance as a victor with an easy victory, his good conscience when he pulls the trigger, his cowardice when he murders civilians, his addiction to crime.

But it is also the abysmal bad faith, the hypocrisy of the aggressor who plays the aggressed, the lies that come out of his mouth when he claims to be defending himself, when he condemns terrorism, when he dares to invoke self-defence, when he speaks of anti-Semitism.”

(Bruno Guigue, 2021)


Former US Ambassador to Russia William J. Burns, who is now CIA director, admitted in a classified 2008 embassy cable that NATO expansion to Ukraine crosses Moscow’s securityredlines” and “could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.”

Big Pharma
Big Tech

Health: Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory.

Surveillance: Neoliberal supranational forces are determined to impose a system of digital identification and high-tech social credit as much of the human population as possible.

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda!

Une publication The Cradle

Iran’s successful breach of Israel’s highly regarded air defenses, despite the multi-nation alliance that joined those defense efforts, ultimately served as an Iranian political message to Tel Aviv.

Une publication Moon of Alabama

The government of Georgia has tried for some time to implement a law “On transparency of foreign influence”. Its aim is to publicly identify organizations and parties who receive a significant amount of their budget from abroad:

The draft law “In order to ensure transparency”, initiated for th...

Une publication The Cradle

An independent investigation into Hamas’ alleged atrocities during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood might address reports Israel killed many of its own civilians and soldiers, per the Hannibal Directive.

Il y a parfois comme ça des moments de vérité : « Le poisson pourrit par la tête » a ainsi déclaré Gabriel Attal en se jetant sur la dernière fabrication du camp du soutien inconditionnel — c’était à Sciences Po. Miracle d’un propos vrai dans une bouche d’ordinaire très pleine de contrevérités ou...

Par Charles Pierce
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

Unfortunately, after decades of racist distortions by Zionists and supportive imperial Western states, and given hard-to-avoid reliance upon a dominant and biased Western mainstream media, even consistent supporters of the Palestinian cause sometimes take, as fact, notions which have become generally accepted as “true” (unaware that critical investigation may disprove it).

Julian Assange

The Assange persecution is Western savagery at its most transparent.

Par Candice Vanhecke
Une publication Investig’Action

150 jours de génocide. 150 jours de crimes de guerre et de crimes contre l’humanité qui s’enchaînent à une vitesse telle qu’on pourrait presque passer à côté. Pourtant, nombre de ces crimes mériteraient de faire la une des journaux pendant des jours, si ce n’est des semaines. Au lieu de ça, les médias occidentaux n’en ont pas parlé, ou à peine. C’est la raison qui nous pousse aujourd’hui à (re)mettre en lumière sept d’entre eux. Sept crimes qui reflètent le degré d’inhumanité inouï atteint durant cette guerre. Sept crimes qu’il ne faudra jamais oublier.

Une publication Hamas

In light of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and as our people continue their battle for independence, dignity and breaking-free from the longest-ever occupation during which they have drawn the finest displays of bravery and heroism in confronting the Israeli murder machine and aggression. We would like to clarify to our people and the free peoples of the world the reality of what happened on Oct. 7, the motives behind, its general context related to the Palestinian cause, as well as a refutation to the Israeli allegations and to put the facts into perspective.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

Since Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza began, Zionist officials, pundits, journalists, and their Western opposite numbers have endlessly invoked the sinister specter of “terrorism” to justify the industrial-scale slaughter of Palestinians. It is because of “terrorism,” twice-failed U.S. Presidenti...

Par Yarden Katz
Une publication Mondoweiss

Israel has erased the Jewish people and destroyed the possibilities for Jews to live in Palestine as non-colonizers. “Israeli” is a colonial identity we should renounce, because it harms both Palestinians and Jews.

du PCC       

Le 23 juillet 2021, le Parti communiste chinois a fêté ses 100 ans d’existence.

Une publication Acrimed et Le Monde diplomatique

Nous publions une carte du paysage médiatique français, qui permet de démêler l’écheveau des concentrations dans la propriété des grands médias. Cette carte est le fruit d’un partenariat entre Acrimed et Le Monde diplomatique.

Par Isaac Saney
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

Between 1975 and 1991, Cuba embarked on a remarkable internationalist mission known as Operación Carlota. This mission was undertaken to defend Angola’s newly found independence from an invasion by apartheid-era South Africa, and it played a pivotal role in the broader African anti-colonial and national liberation struggles.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

Niger is shaping up to be the surprising frontline of the new Cold War. Yesterday, the 15-member Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) ordered the “activation” and “deployment” of “standby” military forces to the country, an action that threatens to spark a major international war tha...

Since the overthrow of Niger’s US-friendly government, West African nations of the ECOWAS bloc have threatened an invasion of their neighbor.

Before leading the charge for intervention, ECOWAS chair Bola Tinubu spent years laundering millions for heroin dealers in Chicago, and has since been ensnared in numerous corruption scandals.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

In a groundbreaking investigation, renowned anthropologist Orisanmi Burton has blown the lid off a dark chapter in CIA history. Classified Agency files, recently obtained through Freedom of Information laws, expose shocking ties between the infamous MKULTRA program and nightmarish experiments on prisoners of color within the United States.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

Newly declassified British files shed disturbing light on the origins and internal workings of Operation Gladio, a covert NATO plot deploying fascist terror militias across Italy. Have spies in London applied these lessons in Ukraine?

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

At least two 9/11 hijackers had been recruited into a joint CIA-Saudi intelligence operation that was covered up at the highest level, according to an explosive new court filing.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication MintPress News

In the second week of March, thousands took to the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia, to vent their fiery indignation over a draft law requiring any NGO operating in the country that receives over 20% of its revenue from overseas to register as a “foreign agent.”

The collapses of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank are like icebergs calving off from the Antarctic glacier. The financial analogy to the global warming causing this collapse is the rising temperature of interest rates, which spiked last Thursday and Friday to close at 4.60 percent for the U.S. Tre...

Par Evan Reif
Une publication CovertAction Magazine

Her father Ernst Albrecht, President of the German state of Lower Saxony from 1978 to 1990, brought unrehabilitated Nazis into his administration and carried out a black-flag terrorist operation designed to discredit the left-wing Red Army Faction.

Par Ben Norton
Une publication Multipolarista

A scholarly study found that British colonialism caused approximately 165 million deaths in India from 1880 to 1920, while stealing trillions of dollars of wealth. The global capitalist system was founded on European imperial genocides, which inspired Adolf Hitler and led to fascism.

Une publication Fédération de Russie

A ceremony for signing the treaties on the accession of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Lugansk People’s Republic, the Zaporozhye Region and the Kherson Region to the Russian Federation took place in of the Grand Kremlin Palace’s St George Hall.

It is now clear that today’s escalation of the New Cold War was planned over a year ago. America’s plan to block Nord Stream 2 was really part of its strategy to block Western Europe (“NATO”) from seeking prosperity by mutual trade and investment with China and Russia.

As President Biden and U.S....

Par Ben Norton
Une publication Multipolarista

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International claim to be independent, but they have a revolving door with the US government, and serve its foreign-policy interests, with funding from CIA-linked foundations and billionaire oligarchs.

Empires often follow the course of a Greek tragedy, bringing about precisely the fate that they sought to avoid. That certainly is the case with the American Empire as it dismantles itself in not-so-slow motion.

Par Ben Norton
Une publication Multipolarista

After meeting in Beijing, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin released a joint statement clarifying the ideological divisions of the new cold war: Eurasian calls for multipolarity, cooperation, sovereignty, and “redistribution of power in the world” against US unipolar hegemony and interventionism.

Par T. J. Coles
Une publication The Grayzone

From Djibouti, the US trains proxies and bombs strategically-important countries in the name of democracy and counterterrorism. To justify the country’s militarization, Washington hypes fears over China’s regional ambitions.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

While the OTF presents itself as independent internet freedom activists, their funding, staff, history and choice of targets all point to the conclusion that they are a digital weapon being used against Washington’s enemies.

Par T. J. Coles
Une publication The Grayzone

Cobalt, a key metallic element used in lithium batteries and other “green” technology, is sourced from slave labor in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the West points the finger at China, the US Africa Command is indirectly policing mining operations that profit US corporations.

Par Aaron Maté
Une publication The Grayzone

Early in the OPCW’s Douma investigation, expert toxicologists ruled out chlorine gas as the victims’ cause of death. Leaks expose how senior OPCW officials censored this explosive finding — and then targeted the inspector who raised the alarm.

Par Yorgos Mitralias
Une publication CADTM

The warnings about the evil consequences of the “fascism” and “terrorism” of Begin and his party, contained in Einstein and Arendt’s open letter, remain extremely relevant 73 years after their publication.

Par Jeremy Loffredo et Max Blumenthal
Une publication The Grayzone

The titans of global capitalism are exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to institute social credit-style digital ID systems across the West.

Par Kit Klarenberg
Une publication The Grayzone

Supposedly “independent” website Bellingcat raked in money from scandal-ridden Western intelligence firms that wreaked havoc – and reaped massive profits – in Syria.

Par Bruno Guigue
Une publication Front Populaire

Le temps présent met à l’épreuve les catégories de la philosophie politique classique. Il impose de penser à nouveaux frais la justice et la force, la liberté et la servitude, la politique et la morale. Aucune philosophie universelle ne fournissant les réponses exigées par la raison, l’histoire en acte se charge de rebattre les cartes. Signe des temps, les notions les plus communes ne résistent pas au vent de la critique, les vieilles idoles vacillent sur leur piédestal. Ainsi le discours dominant brandit le nom de démocratie comme un talisman. Mot-valise, bon à tout et propre à rien, emblème douteux des régimes occidentaux, il doit son efficacité symbolique à son caractère équivoque. Pour peu qu’on lui donne une définition rigoureuse, le charme s’évanouit, la supercherie s’évente.

Par Alan MacLeod
Une publication MintPress News

In Washington’s eyes, the point of funding Black, indigenous, LGBT or other minority groups in enemy countries is not simply to promote tensions there; it is also to create a narrative that will help convince liberals and leftists in the United States to support American intervention.

Par Miko Peled
Une publication MintPress News

When Naftali Bennett, the first yarmulke-wearing Israeli prime minister, refers to the Bible to justify his claim to the Land of Israel, he is not referring to Jewish scripture but to Protestant religious doctrine.

Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda.

Billionaire oligarch Bill Gates and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has effectively privatized global public health infrastructure, and is poised to profit handsomely after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Par Alexander Rubinstein
Une publication MintPress News

Some troubling connections contradict Amnesty’s image as a benevolent defender of human rights and reveal key figures at the organization during its early years to be less concerned with human dignity and more concerned with the dignity of the US and UK’s image in the world.

Il y a un demi-siècle jour pour jour — le 21 février 1966 —, lors d’une conférence de presse mémorable à Paris, Charles de Gaulle annonça au monde entier le retrait de la France du commandement militaire intégré de l’OTAN.

Depuis plusieurs jours, tous les médias de grande diffusion de notre pays consacrent une place considérable à la commémoration du 70e anniversaire du débarquement anglo-américain en Normandie le 6 juin 1944. Cet événement n’est pas seulement l’occasion d’une intense activité diplomatique ; il est également utilisé comme une commémoration omniprésente et sans nuance à la gloire des Alliés, et plus spécialement des Américains.

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